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How To Win With Facebook Live


Facebook live has been around for a while now and you probably know it is something your company should be doing, but not sure where to start? With the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms, it is more important than ever to produce high engaging content. Facebook live tends to create more conversations amongst fans,  giving you the opportunity to make a bigger impact. This multi-level flow of communication that is possible with Facebook Live, is nirvana when it comes to social media.

I asked Mari Smith, also known as the Queen of Facebook, what her take was on Facebook Live, and here is what she had to say: “Facebook Live is growing in leaps and bounds. Companies that want to be on the leading edge would do well to integrate Facebook Live video into their marketing strategies.” I couldn’t agree with her more.

Now that you know the importance of Facebook Live, when do you use it?

I cannot count the times people have come to me with ideas on doing a Facebook live of someone speaking to a group of people. Here is the secret. Facebook live is meant to be interactive. It is an authentic way to showcase what you do and it gives viewers an opportunity to actively participate in the conversation. Just having a Facebook live feed going at a lecture, will not create engagement for you, the content and delivery needs to be engaging so that fans will interact with you and your brand.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook Live

Behind the scenes tours

Use Facebook Live to take viewers behind the scenes of daily operations. Give them an exclusive look into all the hard work that goes on to serve the community. Let viewers participate in the conversation and feel free to ask them questions.

Interview an expert

Showcase your experts doing innovative things by interviewing them and asking them why they do what they do, share fun facts and allow viewers to ask their own questions

Product or Service Demos

This is your opportunity to provide information about how something works and actually demonstrate it live. This is your moment to showcase your service or product in the most authentic medium available via social media.

FAQ Session

If you notice the same questions being asked about a service or an upcoming event, it might be a good idea to do a frequently asked questions session. Have an expert in the topic start with an overview and share information. You can also have someone play reporter, and ask him or her questions while fans join in with their own.

Event coverage

Put on your reporter hat and cover an event as if you were a member of the media. Introduce yourself and walk your Facebook community around the action and interview a few people to showcase what the event means and why it is happening. Don’t just set the camera and leave it. Remember, engaging with your fans is key.

How to do all this? Here are some things to consider:

 If you don’t like the camera attention, just ask around and you may find someone who is excited about helping.

Do a walkthrough ahead of time to make sure your wi-fi is working and that you don’t have any pockets that could interrupt your live broadcast.

For tours or event broadcasts, map out your coverage route and speak to everyone that will participate so that they are not caught off guard when you approach them during the live feed.

The equipment:

You cannot do any of this without the equipment. The good news is, all you really need, is a smart phone!

If you want to get fancy you can go with cameras that are specialized for live streaming, such as a Mevo, which lets you edit camera shots while you are live. There are also ways to use a professional camera connected to your laptop for more polished look. You may want to consider having someone else hold the camera if you are the one participating in the live broadcast and are not using a phone.

For audio, your smart phone should be fine and I recommend just sticking with it if you are walking around during the broadcast. If you are around background noise, there are several adapters available, based on the type of phone that you have, that allows you to connect a mic to your smart phone device and capture better audio.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, Facebook live can be nerve wracking at times but remember the key is authenticity. If you stumble on a word, guess what, that is part of being human and just as if you were speaking to someone in person, just accept that it may happen, address it if it does happen, and then just keep going. If you are nervous about messing something up, create a test page so that you can practice until you feel more comfortable with your set up. I hope this is helpful!

Happy Live Streaming!

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

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