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  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Its Impact on Marketing

    In an era when people are bombarded with information and ads, personalization has become an important part of effective marketing strategies. ChatGPT is changing the way businesses think about personalization by letting them offer personalized content and experiences at a scale that has never been seen before. Let’s look at how ChatGPT is changing marketing…

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  • 5 Ways to start working on your Personal Brand

    We all know how important personal branding is, and if you don’t, then please take a minute to read why it is extremely important in this day in age. The problem now stands, where do I begin? I have trained numerous high level individuals on this and the biggest push back I get is “I…

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  • Why Personal Branding is Necessary

    Personal branding is all about reputation and reputation has always been important. The only difference is that the platform is no longer word of mouth, this dance is taking place online. Personal branding is a simple concept, it is all about putting your individual expertise on the record and joining the conversation online, and no…

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