Recent Projects

Recent projects:

Social Media

Recent Recognition

Working in the healthcare industry during COVID19 has not been easy but it has been rewarding. Recently for the vaccine, I led a social media effort to push out before, during, and after video blogging of healthcare workers getting their vaccines on Tik Tok, Instagram & FaceBook stories, and Twitter Fleets. Check out the recognition on Bloomberg for working on this effort:

Full article here.


Implemented use of chatbots to assist with customer service requests, helping us efficiently answer frequently asked questions in a timely manner. This includes setting up the artificial intelligence component used to pick up keywords and assist accordingly.

Recent Facebook Live broadcasts I have managed and led:

Memorial Transplant Institute – Kidney Transplant Press Conference


Led development efforts for the Healthy Parenting Pitched by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Podcast

Episode  that I participated in as a speaker: Our Son’s Rare Genetic Disease: Hunter Syndrome

Brand Journalism:

Part of lead team to produce the system’s first news segment dedicated to telling our story and getting news out there: The Memorial Rundown

Virtual Reality:

Managed the production of the system’s first 360 video  tour series to help the community feel more familiar with the hospital.