My Favorite Apps

If you know me well, you know I am obsessed with apps. Here are some of the apps  and links that can come in handy.

Must-Have Applications/Tools:


Ok, this isn’t really used for social media. But! Evernote lets you keep your notes organized and helps you automatically store those gazillion business cards that you get at networking events, directly into your outlook contacts. It syncs to your mobile and laptops.






If you want a place that helps you develop your email marketing efforts, Hubspot it your spot! More and more social media data has been used  with email marketing to see consumer behaviors. It also offers a certification course  giving you the knowledge necessary to develop a successful email marketing program.






Flipboard is mainly for news but only for the topics that you request. It comes with stackable sized news stories that you can easily share with a few clicks from your phone, or just to stay up to date with the latest industry news, in case you suffer from #FOMO.





My Social Heroes:


Hootsuite is a one stop shop for managing all of your social channels. It helps you create lists by keyword for social listening, helps you schedule content and gets you those reports your boss wants to see as frequently as they are asked for. 






This may be one of my favorites along with Hootsuite. This app and website helps you feel more like a graphic designer. From boring text, to elaborate artwork for your content. Yes, this one makes me giddy.