5 Ways to start working on your Personal Brand

We all know how important personal branding is, and if you don’t, then please take a minute to read why it is extremely important in this day in age. The problem now stands, where do I begin? I have trained numerous high level individuals on this and the biggest push back I get is “I don’t have time” or “This is added work”. Don’t get me wrong, I work in the healthcare industry and most of these people are out there saving lives and bringing people back from the graves, so yes, personal branding can seem like an added hassle. This doesn’t take it away from being crucial in your professional life. Here are 5 ways to help you get started.

  1. Take advantage of the gaps of free time in your day and engage! Whether you are waiting for your elevator, in and Uber ride, or in line for your morning latte, whip out the phone and scroll through you feed and engage with others. Add a comment under a publication that you follow, or simply like someone’s comment. You can also search hashtags and follow new people in this time. These are little things that you can accomplish in limited amounts of time.
  2. You are already paying attention to what is happening in the world, whether it is the news or your field of work, take that extra 3 seconds that it takes to hit that share button at the top of bottom of the article and share the story if it is something that you find interesting. You can even add a comment about your takeaway or your opinion.
  3. Get those FAQs out of your system. You know more than anyone what people ask you the most in your field, take some time to tweet about it or write a post. If a lot of people ask you the same question, then more than likely a lot more people have the same question as well. This is yor perfect opportunity to come to their rescue! Create some tips based on these questions.
  4. Attending a conference? That is your time to network online! I know why do that when you are usually there in person? (Pretending things go back to normal at some point after this pandemic) Yes, networking in person is extremely important, but just as important, when you get back to your room at the end of the day, just take a moment and check out that hashtag and interact with speakers and attendees. If you are feeling up to it, while you are at the breakout sessions, tweeting your takeaway will also be helpful to those who did not attend. As if that wasn’t enough, you are also indirectly letting your audience know that you are keeping up with the latest in your field and gaining knowledge that will only enhance your career. #Win
  5. Finally, with the world in chaos thanks to this awful Covid-19, a lot of people are interacting virtually more than ever. There are plenty of opportunities to join conferences as a speaker from the comfort of your own home.

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