5 Reasons Why Giving To Charities Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

Not only does giving to those in need help you feel good, it is also a good marketing tactic. Here are a few reasons why giving is good for your brand:

1. Studies show that younger generations are more attracted to brands that support charities.

Are you trying to reach those millennials or Gen z-ers? This might be a good way!

2. Sponsorships give you more publicity and brand exposure!

Have you ever been to a 5k and wore a shirt with all those logos? Imagine hundreds of people going around town with your logo, or those event banners waiving your logo around for all to see.

 3. Charities can help you build brand loyalty.

According to a study by Cone Communications and Echo Research, nearly 47% of consumers report they are more loyal to companies that support a cause. 53% are more likely to recommend a brand to others.

4. It helps with your brand’s reputation.

Don’t we all just want that perfect selfie? Giving to charity is like that amazing photo filter with the perfect lighting for your business.

5. Charity helps build a proud and loyal support base.

Honestly, it always feels good to do good, and employees feel proud to be a part of something good.


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